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Courses Coming Soon

2017 NEC Changes: Appliances and Equipment - RV-11111
2017 NEC Changes: Conductors and Wiring Methods - RV-11109
2017 NEC Changes: Receptacles and Switches - RV-11110
Accessible Parking - RV-11298AW
Accessible Restrooms - RV-11302AW
AutoCAD 2016 2D Drafting and Annotation The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKA2D1-16-F-EN
AutoCAD 2016 3D The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKA3D1-16-F-EN
AutoCAD 2017 2D Drafting and Annotation The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKA2D1-17-F-EN
AutoCAD 2017 3D The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKA3D1-17-F-EN
Autodesk BIM 360 Docs The Complete Guide (Flexible) - BIM360Docs1-17-F-EN
Autodesk BIM 360 Field The Complete Guide (Flexible) 2017 - BIM360FLD1-17-F-EN
Autodesk BIM 360 Glue The Complete Guide (Flexible) 2017 - BIM360GLU1-17-F-EN
Boilers: Basic Principles and Types - RVI-11237
Boilers: Combustion, Water, and Steam - RVI-11238
Browser Security Basics - RVSL-00001
Chemistry: Basic Principles, Part 1 - RVI-11239
Chemistry: Material Balancing - RVI-11271
Chemistry: Reaction Rates - RVI-11240
Civil 3D 2016 Advanced Concepts The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKC3D2-16-F-EN
Civil 3D 2016 The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKC3D1-16-F-EN
Civil 3D 2017 The Complete Guide (Flexible)  - AKC3D1-17-F-EN
Coastal Engineering: Tsunamis - RV-11200AW
Compressors: Centrifugal and Axial - RVI-11241
Compressors: Introduction - RVI-11242
Compressors: Positive Displacement - RVI-11243
Concrete 1: Evaluation and Causes of Damage - RV-10957
Cybersecurity Overview - RVSL-00002
D.R. Horton - Residential Safety Essentials - RVDRH-11312
Distillation: Basic Principles - RVI-11033
DOT Operator Qualifications: Conducting Annual Cathodic Protection Surveys - RVI-10917
DOT Operator Qualifications: Inspect Cathodic Protection Rectifiers - RVI-10918
DOT Operator Qualifications: Measure Wall Thickness - RVI-10921
Effective Groundwater Supply Management - RV-11325
Electrical Equipment: Electrical Production and Distribution - RVI-11272
Email and Messaging Safety - RVSL-00003
Emergency Response Training for Gas Pipelines - RV-10741
Equipment Drive Components: Gear, Belt, and Chain Drives - RVI-11245
Equipment Lubrication: Lubricants and Bearings - RVI-11246
Essentials of Intelligent Transportation Systems - RV-11322AW
Essentials of Smart City Applications - RV-11321AW
Essentials of the Connected Vehicle - RV-11323AW
Furnace Introduction - RVI-11247
Furnaces: Operating Conditions - RVI-11273
General Industry Safety - Confined Spaces - RVI-11329
General Industry Safety - Fall Protection - RVI-11330
General Industry Safety - Hazard Communication - RVI-11326
General Industry Safety - Hearing Conservation - RVI-11331
General Industry Safety - Personal Protective Equipment - RVI-11327
Grading and Drainage Design of Modern Roundabouts - RV-11191AW
Hand Tools, Part 1 - RVI-11274
Hazwoper Refresher 2016 - CS-HAZWREF
Hazwoper Supervisor - CS-HAZWSUP
Heat Exchangers: Condensers and Reboilers - RVI-11248
Heat Exchangers: Cooling Towers - RVI-11076
Heat Exchangers: Introduction - RVI-11075
Heat Exchangers: Operation of Shell and Tube Types - RVI-11078
HVAC Terminal Units - RV-11286AW
Industrial Math: Algebra - RVI-11251
Industrial Math: Basic Operations, Part 1 - RVI-11252
Industrial Math: Basic Operations, Part 2 - RVI-11253
Innovative Heat Pump Technology - RV-11189AW
Instrumentation and Control: Measurement of Concentration - RVI-11254
Instrumentation and Control: Measurement of Level and Flow - RVI-11249
Instrumentation and Control: Measurement of Pressure and Temperature - RVI-11250
Intro to SharePoint - RVLS-2738
Introduction to Basic Diagrams and Symbols, Part 1 - RVI-11255
Introduction to Basic Diagrams and Symbols, Part 2 - RVI-11256
Inventor 2016 The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKIN1-16-F-EN
Inventor 2017 The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKIN1-17-EN
Lockout/Tagout - no exams - RVI-11310
Mastering PowerPoint 2016 Advanced - RVLS-2842
Mastering Word 2016 - RVLS-2707
Material Handling: Tank Trucks - RVI-11257
Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced Training - RV-11096
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Advanced Training - RV-11098
Microsoft Word 2013 Advanced Training - RV-11097
Navisworks Manage 2016 The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKNM1-F-16-EN
Navisworks Manage 2017 The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKNWM1-17-EN
Navisworks Simulate 2016 The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKNS1-F-16-EN
Navisworks Simulate 2017 The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKNWS1-17-EN
New Employee Safety Orientation - RVI-11332
Office 365 Essentials - RVLS-2692
Operator Responsibilities: Communication - RVI-11258
Password Security Basics - RVSL-00004
Pipes and Valves: Steam Traps - RVI-11275
Piping and Auxiliaries: Basic Components and Functions - RVI-11259
Piping and Auxiliaries: System Components and Operation - RVI-11260
Plant Science: Basic Electrical Principles - RVI-11276
Plant Science: Basic Principles - RVI-11261
Plant Science: Fluid Systems - RVI-11262
Plant Science: Gases and Flowing Liquids - RVI-11277
Plant Science: Solids and Liquids - RVI-11278
Power Plant Turbines: Bearings and Operation - RVI-11263
Power-Up Your PowerPoint Presentation - RVLS-2745
Process Sampling: Obtaining samples - RVI-11264
Protection Against Malware - RVSL-00005
Pumping Stations - Piping, Valves and Hydraulics - RV-11320
Pumps: Basic Types and Operation - RVI-11118
Pumps: Fundamentals of Centrifugal Types - RVI-11265
Pumps: Performance and Inspection - RVI-11279
Pumps: Reciprocating Positive Displacement Types - RVI-11266
Pumps: Rotary Positive Displacement Types - RVI-11267
QuickBooks Essentials 2013 - RVLS-2730
Refrigeration System: Operation - RVI-11280
Refrigeration Systems: Basic Concepts - RVI-11281
Residential Safety Essentials - RV-11312
Revit Advanced Concepts 2016 The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKRVC1-16-F-EN
Revit Architecture 2016 The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKRA1-16-F-EN
Revit MEP 2016 The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKRM1-16-F-EN
Revit MEP 2017 The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKRM1-17-F-EN
Revit Structure 2016 The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKRS1-16-F-EN
Revit Structure 2017 The Complete Guide (Flexible) - AKRS1-17-EN
Safety: Material-Handling - RV-11192
Secrets of the Office Guru - RVLS-2740
Single-Phase AC Induction Motor Maintenance 單相交流電動機介紹與維護 - EMSPA00MC
Skype for Business Essentials - RVLS-2741
Steam Turbines - RVI-11282
Structural Masonry Materials - RV-11301AW
Synchronous Motor and Controller Maintenance 同步電動機與控制器保養 - EMSMC00MC
Transformers, Breakers, and Switches - RVI-11244
Unreinforced Masonry Design - RV-11324AW
Valves: Basic Types and Operation, Part 2 - RVI-11268
Valves: Electric and Hydraulic Actuators - RVI-11269
Water Treatment: Wastewater, Part 1 - RVI-11270
Water Treatment: Wastewater, Part 2 - RVI-11283
Windows 8.1 Essentials - RVLS-2732